Catherine - Bridal session in Aiken, SC : Green Boundary Club

I'm fairly certain anyone who has been to Aiken, SC had fallen for it's historic charm. Beautiful venues, great details, and an avenue of oaks over a mile long? Yes please and thank you. We had a great time working with Catherine on her bridal portraits at the Green Boundary Club!

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green boundary club portraits
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Kerri's Bridal Portraits at Owens Field

Vintage Steampunk bridal at an airfield. I mean come on :) Kerri was definitely not your average bride. We loved not just the look and style of her bridals, but all the meaningful details that went along with it. Kerri's dad is a pilot and she wanted to include his plane in her photos. The only snag was that she wanted it to be a surprise. With a little coordination and planning we made it happen and had a great time. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

Kerri Bridal portrait
B42 Bomber bridal portriat
bridal portrait at airfield
airplane bridal
vintage inspired bridal portiat
vintage steam punk bridal portait