LYNDSAY - rocks her dress Columbia, SC bridal portrait

The Horseshoe at The University of South Carolina, and the Governor's mansion are two of our favorite locations in Columbia to do bridal portraits.  So, it was fun to include both!  We did indeed to Lyndsay's portraits at both the Governor's mansion and USC Horseshoe.  Lyndsay had a very clear vision of what she wanted in her bridal portrait, so it was fun to work with her, and make those visions into photographs. The famous gate on the grounds of the Lace House, and the tree at the back of the Horseshoe were her spots so we worked em' :)  We hope you enjoy some of our favorites from our time with Lyndsay.  Her dress was stunning, and she was so great in front of our cameras :)  Oh and we can't forget about Chandler.  He was such a sweetie, and was great in front of the long as you yelled Frisbee!  

Lyndsay Bridal  Portrait Governor's Mansion at the gateLyndsay Bridal Portrait Horseshoe at USCLyndsay Bridal Portrait Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina Columbia