MONICA - rocks her dress at the Horseshoe

You know your parent's love you when.....your dad books Cocky for your bridal session!  We had such a great time with Monica's bridal portraits. She had no clue that waiting around the corner was USC's mascot Cocky.  We were actually a little nervous on this one, and we deal with a lot of surprises :)  Monica's parent's planed for Cocky to arrive towards the beginning of her session, so we were actually trying to stall a bit as to not change locations :)  It made things interesting!  We loved working with Cocky who was such a good sport :)  Monica was so shocked and happily surprised that Cocky was there for her portraits. After the giant Gamecock waved goodbye, we got back to work on creating some beautiful portraits with Monica.  Also along for the ride was her sweet pup Moose.  He was such a good boy :) Please check out Monica looking simply stunning in her couture gown.  I mean really.  She looks amazing!  

Monica BridalMonica BridalMonica Bridal