Our Favorite Moments from 2011 - Buh Bye!

Hooray for a new year!  We are so excited to start 2012, and all the excited things that will be coming our way.  We can't help but look back with fond memories of 2011.  It was our biggest year to date, and we had some pretty amazing brides and grooms.  We want to thank all of our couples.  Without them, we could not continue to grow, and love what we do.  You all make our jobs the cherry on top.  Thank you all for your support! So here it is.  Our favorite moments.  Tears, laughs, and all the fun in-between.  We hope you enjoy looking back though some of the best times of 2011!

Amanda & Jason Getting ready

Just minutes before walking down the isle, Amanda's mother gave her a charm bracelet.  each piece of the bracelet was there to represent something very very special to Amanda and her family.  It was a great moment, and the happiness on Amanda's face was priceless.

Callie & Justin at the AlterRight as Callie reached the alter, Justin had such a great look on his face.  Pure happiness to see his beautiful bride.

Alex & Michael score a.... 9.8Alex and Michael are huge baseball fans.  As a surprise part of the ceremony, the groomsmen all held up scores when they kissed for the first time as husband and wife.  This is the father of the groom using his score card once more for the first dance :)

Elizabeth is breathtaking.  Literally.At Elizabeth and Jonathan's wedding, Elizabeth was breathtaking.  Literally.  The moment her friend Mandy walked through the door before the ceremony, she stopped dead in her tracks and he jaw just dropped.  Elizabeth was simply stunning!

Erica and Adam.  So sweet!The moment Erica came down the stairs to walk down the isle, all I could think of was Belle coming down the stairs.  It was such a beautiful moment as she prepared to meet her groom.  Later, we had a great time working with just Erika and Adam.  So sweet!

Jaci and her dadAt Jaci and Bobby's wedding, Jaci kept her cool...all the way to the point right before her dad walked her down the isle.  As she turned to corner and saw her dad waiting for her, she just couldn't hold it anymore.  Tears of joy are the best kind :)

Jaci and Bobby cakeJaci knew what was coming when it was time to cut the cake.  Bobby didn't play very nice at first, but tried to make up for it with a kiss on the cheek.  Ah!  It was just hilarious to see them with that cake.  Poor Jaci :)

Kim and Jeremy Jumping for JoyKim and Jeremy had such a fun wedding filled with awesome moments like these.  Jeremy and his brother doing a flying high five, and Kim and Jeremy kissing one more time down the isle!

Dancing with the DJKim and Jeremy's reception was amazing!  Dave Gilbert of Party Time DJs got out on the dance floor to teach Jeremy how to "do the wobble"

Flying SaxophoneSome of the guests at Kim and Jeremy's wedding really had a blast with the props from the photobooth.  We loved this guy!

Photobooth funThe photos from their photobooth.  Kim and  Jeremy didn't hold back during their time behind the curtain.  We loved it and loved their rings too!

Just a tasteIt's okay to lol.  We did.  While walking down the isle at Melanie and Alex's wedding, one of their flower girls decided to lick her mothers arm.  We couldn't have staged something this funny :)

Father and daughterMelanie and her dad were such a happy sight as they walked down the isle arm in arm to her soon to be husband.  The moments between a father and daughter right before she is married are some of the most precious.  This is just one of those precious moments we had the opportunity to capture this year.

Looking at the crowdOne of our favorite ceremony moments this year was when the officiant at Melanie and Alex's wedding had them look out to the crowd to see their family, friends, and everyone who was their to support their love and commitment to one another.  We just melted.  It was so sweet, and a great opportunity for the audience (and us) to get a great view of their faces.  You might even want to consider incorporating something like this in your ceremony.  Go ahead.  Look out and be amazed at the people who love you :)

Danger worth whileWe loved this shot.  It is of Melanie and Alex being driven to the reception in a Ford Model A. We were right behind them.  To get this shot, Aaron had to literally sit on the window sill of our 2 door car and hang out the window.  It might have been a bit dangerous, but don't worry.  We are professionals (kids don't try this at home!!!!!!)   :)

Groomsmen of the yearIf we gave awards out to our couples and bridal parties, this group from Tim and Melissa's wedding might have won "Groomsmen of the Year".  They were so much fun, and even came up with a few shots they wanted to do.  Here we have "Boy Band" on the left, and "Wresting Moves" on the right :)

Rebecca and Tray CeremonyIt it so much fun when couples can laugh during the ceremony.  It not only shows their sense of humor, but just how happy they are to be there in the moment.

Grand Entrance Rebekah and Brian made their grand entrance into their reception and attitude.  It got the part off to a great start setting a fun mood for their guests.

Best FacesThe day of Sam and Ashley's wedding, Sam had some of the best faces :)  We had such a great time with them all day long.  Sam's mom had a little trouble getting Sam's veil into her up-do.  I think it might have hurt just a little bit!

Blushing Bride Before the CeremonyRight before Sam walked down the isle to meet Ashley and say "I do" we caught her through the window looking happy and thoughtful about the moments to come. This is what candid is all about :)

Sam looking at her parentsWe've already talked about incorporating your guests into your ceremony when Melanie and Alex looked out to their audience of family and friends.  One of our favorite moments of Sam and Ashley's  ceremony was when Sam looked back with tears in her eyes at her parents.  It was so sweet.  I think I actually did cry at this one :)

Back down the isleThis was a favorite moment as Sam and Ashley walked back down the isle as husband and wife.  Sam is just beaming!!!!

Brother and Sister

Part of being a good wedding photographer means being ready to capture all the love and emotion through the day.  Before Sam and Ashley's wedding we were taking a photo of Sam and her brother smiling.  It only took a second for her brother to get a little teary eyed and...click.

Wind in the veilOne of our favorite moments ever this year, was when the wind picked up, and we caught this.  No additional fluffing or throwing required.  All wind baby!

Taking ChargeWe love it when couples get caught in the moment and show just how happy they are on their wedding day.  Sam was not letting him go!

Test Test I can't tell you just how many shots just like this one are floating around on our hard drives.  Josh and I usually take turns posing for each other while preparing for the toasts and cake cutting.  This one was a fav.

The resultAnd here is the result of our testing :)

Saying GoodbyeLoved this moment as Sam blew her family and friends kisses goodbye :)

Guys in the crowdSusan and Joey had an amazing reception.  This was a shot of Joey and all his friends out on the dance floor.  I think I was luck not to be knocked off my chair I was standing on.  The risk was worth it.

DetailsDetails and personal touches are one component that make wedding photography so much fun.  We loved all the little details scattered throughout Tabitha and Jordan's wedding.

Little ones with short fusesThe little ones in weddings are so sweet, but can go from smiling to melt down in no time.  This little ring bearer I think just needed a hug from his mommy :)

Amazing weatherThe day before Tabitha and Jordan's wedding in West Virginia, the weather was awful.  It rained, was cold, misting, and everyone was a bit worried about how the wedding could happen in the current weather condition. It was like a miracle.  The next day, the clouds broke, the sun came out and dried up the rain.  It was a truly beautiful day, and we felt blessed (so did Tabitha and Jordan).

The groomsmen descent With the weather on our sides, I think we all felt invisible.  That includes the groomsmen :)  they really enjoyed this one as we walked epic-like down the hill.

Just breathBeing around to capture the bride getting ready is such a treat.  Tina and Ozzie's wedding was so beautiful.  I loved when her bridesmaid Ellen holding Tina as her sister and aunt buttoned her dress.  There were a ton of buttons!

The perfect dipThis might be the perfect dip.  We loved everything about this wedding, and this photo was just the icing on the cake!

Toasts and speachesTina's sister Alice toasting Tina's marriage to Ozzie.  She was so cute, and it was a sweet moment as she addressed all the guests in attendance.

Sweet wordsA great speech given by a maid of honor or best man can really make a reception memorable.  It did for us at Tina and Ozzie's wedding.  Their best man gave one of the best speeches we've heard yet :)

Watch Out!Watch Out!!!! She's got a cake serving set!

Buh Bye!Buh-bye 2011! You were so good to us, but we are so excited for the new year :)


Thanks everyone for looking and reading.  We wish you all the best as we start a new year together!