Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: You seem kind of expensive. What is up with that?
    A: We have been in business since 2009 and have shot over 250 weddings. Also, we are full time photographers. So that is the long way of saying, experience. In addition, we give you everything you need (and maybe more) in our basic package. We believe that you should not have to purchase additional items to have a complete wedding photography package. We make some pretty fantastic images too.

  • Q: Do you have a studio?
    A: Yes. Our studio is at 701 Whaley St in downtown Columbia SC. We meet clients, create portraits and headshots, and do some seriously awesome work there. You should come visit us sometime.

  • Q: Do you have business hours at your studio?
    A: No. Our studio hours are by appointment only. We only come in when we have clients meetings, so if you come by, make sure you have an appointment!

  • Q: Do you put a limit on how many photos you deliver for a wedding day?
    A: No limits on the number of photos delivered. We do cull the set to a reasonable number (many times still over 1000 images), eliminating test shots and duplicate images and then edit those images so they are delivered exactly as we want - ready to be dropped in an album or hung on a wall.

  • Q: Do you have insurance?
    A: Yes. We own a business. It is our life. If $2 million liability isn't good enough we need to talk.

  • Q: So what do you do during the week if you don't have a 'day' job.
    A: We shoot an average of 30 weddings per year and shoot dozens of headshots per month so we're constantly in contact with our wedding and headshot clients. Wedding clients book an average of 1 year out from their date so we stay in touch a lot from initial booking through engagement and bridal scheduling, final details, and post wedding delivery. There's also those 1000+ images from each wedding that need editing, taxes, invoicing, accounting, storage/backup, meetings, emails, marketing, etc. It is definitely a full time job, and we hope it shows through the time and attention we give each client.

  • Q: I live in Charleston, so I'm sure that's too far for you to go on our wedding day right?
    A: No! We will go as far as we need to on your wedding day. We do not charge for travel for your wedding day anywhere in South Carolina. As a matter of fact, we also don't charge for travel to just-as-near-by locations like Augusta GA, Charlotte, and Asheville NC. All we ask is if you have a crazy late or early ceremony/reception that you get us a hotel as needed.