5 Wedding Day Items That Fall Through the Cracks : And How to Avoid Them


You’ve planned. You’ve dreamed. You’ve covered all your bases, and checked off every single wedding list known to the internet. Then how on earth could you possibly be in a situation where you’re not sure what to do next? Well, it’s called the void and we’re here to talk about all the nitty-gritty things that go unmentioned on the wedding day.


No. 1 What do I do with my license?

You’ve just walked down the aisle in a rush of happiness. You’re out in the hallway of the church hugging, crying, and being smothered by your family and bridal party. It’s time to go back in to the sanctuary and sign your marriage license. We gotta make this legal am I right? Well, you’ve signed, photos were taken, and everything is squared away, and your minister hands you what feels like a very legal and important document.

What do I do with this??? This dress doesn’t have pockets. I don’t trust my husband with it right now (I mean that tux is a rental after all). What am I supposed to do?

We’ve seen it more than once. The license is the biggest thing that can be misplaced or lost in the rush of the day. It doesn’t have to be a moment of stress with just a little bit of planning. Pre-designate a very responsible friend or family member to take care of your copy of the license once it’s signed. If you’re staying in the country for the honey moon, you can comfortably leave it safe at home. Going abroad? Take your copy with you. Have that same friend place it in your carry on or overnight bag and tell you and your spouse exactly where it is. Remember in the state of South Carolina, there are three copies you sign on the wedding day. Your officiant is responsible for taking care of two, and the third is yours.


No. 2 Where and When Will My Bouquet Be Delivered?

That bouquet you ordered is going to be stunning, and you can’t wait to see it for the first time. Hold up. When is it going to be here? Now most florists are going to ask you where you’re going to be and when so usually there is no issue. The caveat to that is if your getting ready venue, photo location, and ceremony site are all in different places. How on earth are you supposed to coordinate that? Well the answer, again, is simple. Communication. Getting ready at the hotel? Have the bouquets delivered there so you and your bridesmaids can grab them and go create those on point pre-ceremony photos. Not feeling like schlepping around town with the weight of responsibility resting on your gorgeous tanned shoulders? See if your saint of a florist will meet you at your photo location bouquet in hand (just make sure you can tip them for the extra effort and sainthood).


No. 3 Those Shoes are on Point (uh…do you have a backup?)

Having killer shoes on your wedding is a must for most brides. It doesn’t matter how high the heel or how uncomfortable they are, they must pop. While I wholehearted agree on this particular point, nothing can be more debilitating to fun and more specifically the photos if you can’t walk another step. We’ve seen so many victims of this shoe-tastrify in pain. So, if you’re planning on rocking those stilettos, bring a backup for the reception so you don’t have to go barefoot. Some cute little flats will keep you happy and dancing the night away. Besides, no ones looking at your feet at the reception ;)


No. 4 Have you fed your friends?

Hair at 8:00. Makeup at 11:00. Photos at 2:00. Ceremony at 5:00.

So often the wedding day starts before breakfast and ends well after dinner. The reception covers dinner and many times there is some kind of breakfast provided during hair and makeup. The real gap is lunch. You eat three meals a day normally, so why does lunch end up by the wayside? A simple delivery form a sub shop or tray of chicken nuggets can go a long way. You’r bridesmaids will love you, and everyone will have something in them to keep the nerves (and alcohol) at a manageable level. Don’t forget the guys too. The best way to keep their spirits up and photos in control, send over some grub :) They’ll talk about how your wedding was the best ever for years to come.


No. 5 To Pocket Square or Not to Pocket Square?

With guys it seems so easy. You pick the tux and it’s done. No muss, no fuss. Or is it?

With formal wear not being an every day thing, it can be a little confusing. So many of the options for ties and pocket squares are personal preference, and the best option is to be consistent. Decide ahead of time how you want the guys to wear their accessories and pass that info along. Your groomsmen will appreciate the lack of fuss. If you opted for a self tie neck tie or bow tie, make sure everyone (or at the very least, one person) knows how to tie it. We’ve seen so many groups you tubing bow tie videos and it can get messy.


What do you think? Is there another item that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below!