HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL - portrait series : portrait and editorial photographer

This project has been a long time coming, but such a labor of love. The concept was to create a series of portraits all of young girls styled (in some cases very loosely) after historic characters. Why younger models? Because they still all had that sweetness to them. We wanted to capture them without the "princess smile" we try so hard to train our kids (and I'll be the first to admit fault on that one so no bashing please). They still have a sense of contentment with themselves without all the worry and wonder of how others see them. And that was what made them so fun. Each girl had their own personalities and it was so fun to meet and work with each little model. I was so incredibly surprised at how well they all took direction and seemed committed to making this portrait happen. Thanks to everyone was part of this project, but most of all my wonderful support team Amy Schaming and Jamie Tran.