Downtown Greenville

CASEY + RICHARD - engagements at Falls Park : Greenville, SC wedding photographer

We love going to Greenville!  It's so great to get out of town every once in a while and feel difference of a city that's not your own.  It's like each city has it's own finger print.  It's own rhythm.  Shooting with Casey and Richard was so relaxed, we loved that they were so comfortable together.  We are really looking forward to the wedding!




ANGELA + DARREN - engagements in downtown greenville, sc

We love Greenville!  It is such a great city, and it is such a treat to go different places and work with our wonderful couples.  Angela and Darren were so much fun!  We had so much fun working with them, I don't know that we really wanted to stop :)  Alas, dinner reservations, hunger, exhaustion, and the setting sun all took part in the end of the day.  Angela and Darren are an amazing couple, and we can't wait for their wedding to get here.  They are both in the military, and their love for each other just pours out of them.  You can see in their smiles that being together is such a joy.  And boy does Angela have a gorgeous smile!!! One reason we love engagement sessions is that it is our opportunity to get to know such wonderful people.  We found out so many great things about Angela and Darren, and can't wait to work with them again on their wedding day.  It is going to be awesome!  Until then, enjoy some of our favorites from their session! Angela-Darren Engagements in Greenville SCAngela-Darren Engagements in Greenville SC

Angela-Darren Engagements at Falls Park

Angela-Darren Engagements at Liberty Bridge