The Vista

RENATA + CALVIN - engagements in the Vista : Columbia, SC wedding photographer

It's all about being comfortable not being comfortable. Read it again and say it to yourself. It's all about being comfortable not being comfortable. Now repeat this to yourself at least an hour a day for a week before your engagement session :)  Now you are ready to begin :)  How do we get those dreamy intimate shots of couples cuddling in a field? It's not all about the lighting, it's not all about the posing, it's all about getting your two people who love each other to make a connection even for the briefest of moments. It's about getting them to be comfortable while doing something uncomfortable. 

Now with that all being said, here is Renata and Calvin. They were fantastic. We hope you enjoy some of their engagement photos take in the Vista! 





LAUREN + BRANDON - engagements in downtown Columbia

We love engagement sessions because: #1 - they are fun + #2 it is a great way to get to know out couples a little bit better before the day of the wedding :) We had so much fun working with Lauren and Brandon as we explored downtown Columbia.  They are the type of couple that is practically incapable of making a "serious" face.  They are so full of love and happiness, they can't seem to stop smiling :)  They are so cute!  We really hope you enjoy some of our favorites from their session.  We can't wait for their amazing wedding in Savannah, GA!  

Lauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagements

p.s. Josh enjoyed shooting with his new camera :)  Betcha can't guess which images came from the x100 ;)

Betsy and Tim - Engagements in the Vista

Betsy and Tim are just downright cute!  We had (I know we say this every time, but hey.  We love what we do) a fantastic time working with them while walking around the Vista (it's true!).  Betsy and Tim are having their wedding up north, so this was our first time meeting them to do their engagement photos. One of our favorite parts of being a photographer is meeting new people, and learning their stories so that we can tell them just a little bit better.  We hope you enjoy these photos because we had a truly great time taking them! Betsy and Tim Engagement session in the VistaEngagement Session in Downtown ColumbiaEngagement Photos in the Vista

Our Anniversary!

It's been four years since Josh and I said "I will" (Josh forgot he was supposed to say I DO)  :)  We have been so happy and blessed through our four years together.  We have our wonderful daughter Caroline who makes us happy like nothing else in this world.  Josh and I feel so blessed to have our buisnesss together and wanted to celebrate our anniversary by being our own photographers for the night!  Here are some of the images we took throughout our night out on the town. We can't thank both of our parents enough for always being there to keep Caroline when we need them.  Thank you to everyone in our lives who help and support us.  We couldn't do it all without you!

And now lets get to the photos already!!!

Josh and Aaron Moore Anniversary Photo-shootAnniversary 2Anniversary 3Anniversary 4