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GRAYSON + DAVID - wedding at Stone River : Columbia, SC wedding photography

They say it's good luck to rain on your wedding day, and that rain will bring you years of happiness. If that's true, Grayson and David will have love and luck for quite awhile because it poured rain right at the start of their ceremony! With a very smooth transition from the minister, and a carefully placed umbrella, no makeup was ruined, and vows were still said. In fact, the rain let up before they said their vows and had a lovely rest of the service overlooking the river. There was so much fun, love, and laughter that day I don't know that anything could have gotten them down. Grayson and David had their wedding at the beautiful new venue Stone River. It was a lovely day.  We hope you enjoy some of our favorites! 


AIMEE + DAVID - wedding at 701 Whaley : Columbia, SC wedding photographers

Get excited. This wedding was so much fun. One beautiful bride. One dashing groom. And one awesome reception. Aimee and David didn't even come close to letting the weather rain on their parade. Their day started off with a wonderful ceremony at the Palmetto Church of Christ, followed by a fantastic reception at 701 Whaley. We loved their hanging lights and all the cute center pieces displayed throughout the space. Huge shout out to some amazing vendors below! 

Eyebrow Junkie

701 Whaley

Designs by TaDa

Events by Snow

MARCY + Brian - engagement in the Vista : Columbia, SC wedding photographer

Laughing is one of our top favorite things. Whether it is making chicken noises with our four year old sweetie, random beatbox concerts from across the room, or just being goofy in general, laughter is a huge part of who we are. We love to laugh, and thankfully so do Marcy and Brian. They had us laughing the whole time. We hope you enjoy their photos (especially the silly ones!).