10 Years - A trip to Maui

Hawaii has always been a dream destination of mine. Hiking to waterfalls and basically living off of pineapple was what I dreamed about and assumed was exactly what happens in Hawaii. Like I'm sure so many people, I had more of less written off basking in the white sands, driving with the windows down, and seeing those amazing waterfalls first hand. After all, Hawaii was just so far away. The plane tickets, the hotel, the rental. It was all just too much. Fate had something else in mind. 

My Grandmother passed unexpectedly in 2016. The last big thing my she did before she passed was to take a trip to Hawaii with a friend. She was there for a month, and I wish I could have talked to her more about it all. She left behind a little inheritance for me and I just had no idea what to do with it. I wanted to do something meaningful. As my Aunt told me, "Your Grandma left this for you as a gift. She wanted you to have something 'On her'.  I'm sure you've guessed, but I decided the best way to honor her and the gift she gave was to do something I never thought possible, but also to experience something that she did almost as if she were there with me.

So, If you're crying like me, grab you a tissue and strap in for some fun photos to get all the feels out and relive how we did Maui. 

surf boards maui
maui vacation
sunset maui
coconut hawaii
drinking coconut water
black rock
climb to mount haleakala
mount haleakala observatory
mount haleakala summit
sunset on mount haleakala
sunset mountain hawaii maui
drive down from mount haleakala
iao state park
hiking in maui
anniversary ring susie saltzman
family photos maui
family photos on maui
ocean maui
silhouette  ocean
blue hour colors sky
road to hana
road to hana
road to hana
rode to hana
black sand beach
selfie black sand beach
sup paddle boarding
sup paddle boarding kaanapali beach
kaanapali beach hotel