State House

LAUREN + BRANDON - engagements in downtown Columbia

We love engagement sessions because: #1 - they are fun + #2 it is a great way to get to know out couples a little bit better before the day of the wedding :) We had so much fun working with Lauren and Brandon as we explored downtown Columbia.  They are the type of couple that is practically incapable of making a "serious" face.  They are so full of love and happiness, they can't seem to stop smiling :)  They are so cute!  We really hope you enjoy some of our favorites from their session.  We can't wait for their amazing wedding in Savannah, GA!  

Lauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagements

p.s. Josh enjoyed shooting with his new camera :)  Betcha can't guess which images came from the x100 ;)

JULIE + PAUL - wedding portraits downtown

Here are Paul and Julie.  They had their wedding portraits taken.  You can have your portraits take too!  (If this reference means nothing to you, please see Pat the Bunny).  

Paul and Julie were so great to work with!  We had a wonderful time with them doing some wedding portraits before their trip to Korea where they would be getting married.  We were so happy to have a chance to work with them before they left.  Here are a few of our favorites from their session.


Julie and Paul BridalsJulie and Paul BridalsJulie and Paul Bridals