SC State House

AMBER + RYAN - engagements at the SC State House : Columbia, SC wedding photographers

Doing an engagement session with a couple is like packing a few weeks or months of friendship all into two short little hours. We found out who you are, where your from, your sense of humor, what restaurants you like.... (you get the point).  It's almost like speed dating (well....we don't know anything about speed dating so that's perhaps not an appropriate assumption. We digress.) It's our chance to really get a sense of who you are as individuals, and as a couple. In short, we love it!  Amber and Ryan are super cute, super sweet, and super fun. When I (Aaron) found out that they were getting married in Rome, GA I am pretty sure it took all of my will power not to crack a "when in Rome" joke. We loved working with them, and hope you enjoy some of our favs! 




KATY + RYAN - wedding at City Art : Columbia, SC wedding photographer

Why do we do it?  Weekend after weekend?  We see couples get married on a weekly basis. Since the start of all of this, Josh and I have been present as photographers for 89 weddings. We love it because we love connection.  We love the bond and relationships between two people.  Katy and Ryan were such a wonderful couple to be with and photograph.  I know we often talk about people being comfortable in front of the camera and how much we love it, but it has so much truth.  I think part of it comes from being comfortable with each other.  Katy and Ryan really worked hard to make their wedding day unique to them.  They wanted something different not for difference's sake, but for the feeling of individuality much the their relationship.  Yes everyone says vows, everyone has decor, everyone has something to eat, but its the thought and personality that makes each wedding different.  


The day was full of fun, and full of characters. One of our favorites being Ethel the dog.  She is so perfect, and I love that Katy and Ryan wanted to include her.  There are just too many great things to talk about so.... on to the photos!


Sending love to the people who made the day possible : 

City Art (our neighbors) 

Diimler's Catering

Gerry Dukes

Adam Hammond (flowers) 

Vintage Bakery

Blue Flour

The Tarlatans

Chelsey Winford

Beth Dickerson at Capelli Salon

Palmetto Party Rental





LAUREN + BRANDON - engagements in downtown Columbia

We love engagement sessions because: #1 - they are fun + #2 it is a great way to get to know out couples a little bit better before the day of the wedding :) We had so much fun working with Lauren and Brandon as we explored downtown Columbia.  They are the type of couple that is practically incapable of making a "serious" face.  They are so full of love and happiness, they can't seem to stop smiling :)  They are so cute!  We really hope you enjoy some of our favorites from their session.  We can't wait for their amazing wedding in Savannah, GA!  

Lauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagementsLauren and Brandon engagements

p.s. Josh enjoyed shooting with his new camera :)  Betcha can't guess which images came from the x100 ;)

DONNA + DANNY - "engagements" at the SC State House

Weddings are exciting.  It's a fact.  The thought of planning, choosing, and designing a grand event with all of your family and friends invited is an exciting thing.  We hear fairly often from married couples that they wish they could do it all over again.  Well, Donna and Danny are doing it for real.  Donna and Danny are finally planning their "wedding day" and we are so happy to be a part of it.  We had such a great time with Donna, Danny, and Connor.  Just being with them makes you smile.  They are such a wonderful family, and their love for each other puts a smile on your face.  We really hope you enjoy some of our favorites from their session!  

Donna Danny Family Session 1

Donna Danny Family Session 2

Donna Danny Family Session 3

Donna Danny Family Session 4