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PAIGE + MICHAEL - backyard wedding on the lake

We love backyard weddings. They are always so intimate, and have such a different tone during the day. We're so used to having a strict timeline, and when everything is at your parents house, you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want :) Paige and Michael were really fun to work with, and be around. It was a pretty great day. 

lakeside wedding arbor
black and white groom getting ready
groom getting ready sun glasses
dog wedding photo bomb
bride getting ready black and white
bride drink
self portrait mirror
bride getting makeup
makeup sunlight
paige michael wedding
bride lacing dress
black and white bride getting dressed
black and white bride sees dad first time
bride walking down isle
grooms reaction
white and green bouquet
bride walking down isle black and white
grooms reaction
fall wedding ceremony
paige michael wedding lexington
bride groom first kiss
bride veil wind
bride and groom rose petal exit
bride and groom rose petal exit
bride and groom nighttime portraits
classic bride and groom black and white
bride and groom evening kiss
reception tent night time
bride and groom evening dock
bride and groom lake full moon
couple portraits night time

ALYSSA + HAYDEN - wedding at Stone River : Columbia, SC wedding photographers

Alyssa and Hayden are young, headstrong, and focused on God. Their relationship was so routed in their beliefs that they really incorporated their love for Christ throughout their wedding day.  There were so many touching moments with family and friends, that it was impossible for anyone there to miss how much love the couple and families had for each other. From the bridesmaids laying their hands on Alyssa in prayer, to Alyssa and Hayden washing each other's feet during the ceremony, it was all part of their beautiful day.  They had such a focus on their day really being part of them, they took every opportunity to make it their own.  Alyssa went so far as to create their custom cake centerpieces showcasing her love and talent for baking (that's right. She did the fondant work on those stunning cake centerpieces). Lavender was used throughout the day from the bouquets, to the cups of lavender the guests showered the couple with as they left for the night. It was all just simple, beautiful, and full of love. Special thanks to Stone River, Southern Way, Lexington Florist, and Party Time. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite moments! 


TIFFANY + ARTHUR - wedding in Sumter, SC : Sumter, SC wedding photographers

We had a blast with Tiffany and Arthur.  I can safely say that this was the farthest traveled, and most diverse group of people we've ever been around.  There were family and guest from Venezuela, France, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and I am sure many many more :)  It made for a fun and interesting day.  It was so amazing to see all these different people from different countries and cultures come together to celebrate such a sweet and devoted couple.  Seeing Tiffany and Arthur together was great.  We hope you enjoy some of our favorites from their day. (And check out that car!)