when in Rome

AMBER + RYAN - engagements at the SC State House : Columbia, SC wedding photographers

Doing an engagement session with a couple is like packing a few weeks or months of friendship all into two short little hours. We found out who you are, where your from, your sense of humor, what restaurants you like.... (you get the point).  It's almost like speed dating (well....we don't know anything about speed dating so that's perhaps not an appropriate assumption. We digress.) It's our chance to really get a sense of who you are as individuals, and as a couple. In short, we love it!  Amber and Ryan are super cute, super sweet, and super fun. When I (Aaron) found out that they were getting married in Rome, GA I am pretty sure it took all of my will power not to crack a "when in Rome" joke. We loved working with them, and hope you enjoy some of our favs!