We're going to California

When Caroline was turning four we decided. No more parties. No more big birthday gift that will get left behind and forgotten. Outgrown. Wasted. We're going to spend that money elsewhere, and experience this great big world with the most important person on this earth to us. Our girl. So here it was. Her birthday trip to California. What a trip! Complete with many up, and just a few downs. Like getting lost on Old La Honda Rd. (seriously. Google that mess and take a trip via street view. I promise your palms will start sweating). The same day we traveled all the way to Pfieffer Beach. Well...almost. We literally made it all the way to the road that lead to the famous sun portal and were stopped by a road block. The beach was closed from flooding. It was a bit of a heartbreaking moment actually. To have flown literally across the country, and driven hours just to see this bit of earth only to be forced to turn back. We did what we could and made the best of the rest of the day. 

The rest of our trip was full of bo lo baau, food, sights, bo lo baau, not seeing the golden gate bridge because of the dense fog, wandering around the Lucas films building, and some more bo lo baau. 

By far our favorite part of the trip was discovering shark fin cove. Just a few minutes north of Santa Cruz down a steep climb right off the road was this magical place. We would have never found it had it not been for the awesome hotel desk guy. Thank you guy. We spent over an hour exploring, staring, and running from the water as we tried to get closer and closer into the cove. Caroline was trying to be sneaky and line her pockets with rocks, while we tried to pretend we didn't see what she was doing. 

A condensed collection for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Cali.

bixby bridge
califonia mountains
josh driving
marina in california
giant hotdog
monterey California
espresso machine
monterey California Marina
Josh and Caroline at Fisherman's Wharf
Fanny Bay
Highway 1
California Coast
Sunset on the West Coast
Sunset on the Coast
Pacific ocean
signs on the west coast highway
shark fin cove
shark fin cove
shark fin cove
california beach
running from the water
sandstone rocks
light house
san fransisco at night
flying books
rain in california
bridge to Oakland
san fransisco skyline