RANDI - rocks her dress! Columbia, SC Bridal Portraits

The morning of Randi's bridal session, it was cold. Not just kinda cold. Really cold. Like.....40 cold. That was the high by the way. Our biggest concern with bridals and the weather is that our girls are comfortable with what we decide, and what we will be doing. I think we even tried talking her out of it but Randi was resolute. Today was her bridal portrait, and nothing was going to stand in her way. We were so proud of how well Randi did, how she coped with the cold, and how perfectly happy and willing she was to do it "one more time" :)  We loved working with her and her sweet sweet family. What a beautiful person, and she deserved a beautiful portrait. We hope you enjoy some of our favorites. 

What do you think? Does it look cold? Or did Randi just rock it? (the answer is the latter)....