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Courtney - Bridal Session at the Lace House

No matter how many times we work in the gardens at the South Carolina Lace House, they always prove to be just as magical as the last time we were there. Courtney was stunning in her gown, and make no mistake, we had fun with the unique details of her dress. I mean really. Who can say they rocked a dress with an elegant cape?! Enjoy just a few of our favorites, from this really fun session.


LAUREN - bridal session at the Lace House and the story that goes with it

Prepare yourself for a potential overshare. If all you're looking for is beautiful photos please scroll on to our images. If you're looking for a little insight into us. Read with caution. 


This was a hard one. This was a rough day. We're often asked what we would do in certain situations. What if we're sick? What if there is an emergency? The thing is no matter the response, nothing can truly prepare you for such things. The honest truth is that we have shot weddings when we were sick. Not just cold and sniffles sick, but sick with the flu. We do it, we get through it, and we do whatever is necessary because our clients and their wedding days are so very very important. 

As I said, nothing can prepare you. You know the saying cancer sucks? Well it does. And cancer finally won with my grandmother on Friday the 13th this past May. We had pushed through and done all our assignments for the 12th (the day before) so we could get to Tennessee late to see her. We left Columbia around 8 to head up. I knew my Grandmother's time was limited and wanted desperately to see her before she went. That morning before I was awake God called her home. I got a call from my dad and he simply said "I'm so sorry Aaron. She didn't make it." With tears in my eyes and disbelief, I walked down the hall of the hospital. Taking note of the gurneys. The smell. The feel of the air. To see her one last time. I knew she was gone, but we sat. I talked to her and then kissed her goodbye. It was time to go for her and for me. You see we had a bridal session in Columbia that afternoon with the beautiful Lauren. While we could have (and maybe should have) called to our bride know our circumstances, we pushed through, made it back just in time, and shot her bridal portraits. At the end, they thanked us, asked about my grandmother, and showed sympathy and compassion. It's the only time I've ever cried in front of a client. The next day we shot a wedding. You may never know just how much we put into our work, but I hope that you see just a glimpse. 

Her name was Mary, and she was wonderful. This was a photo of Mary, my grandmother, and my grandfather Dick on their wedding day. 

Mary and Dick Norcross


Without further ado, Lauren's bridals. She really is lovely, and we were so happy to do them. 

lauren bridal with dog
stunning bridal sc lace house
lace house gardens bridal portrait
governors mansion bridal portrait session