KRISTIN - Rocks her dress

Ugh. I've decided that just about every female I relate to, we all make the same sounds when we like something. It's never an "awe" but more of like a, "EW! I love it!". In this case it was an "Ugh, you look amazing!" And she did. Kristin looked stunning for her bridals. Special thanks to Amy Schaming on the fabulous hair, and Something Special Florist for the bouquet! 

bride on lace house steps
historic southern home
bride with veil
short veil
bride sitting

WHITNEY - ROCKS her dress : Bridal portraits at Cobblestone Country Club

Bridals in June are no joke here is South Carolina, and Whitney handled it like a pro. It was hot, humid, threatening to rain and she had nothing but a smile on her face. We loved working with Whitney and her sweet mom on these portraits. We'll have more coming from their amazing day soon!

Flowers by American Floral


MEAGAN - bridal portraits at the USC Horseshoe Columbia Bridal Photographers

Throughout our journey with Meagan, we've been really surprised with how many details have been pleasantly personal to Meagan in terms of our locations and discussions about photography and their sessions. For their engagements, we went out to Meagan's grandparent's house. It is a place that was near and dear to her as a special part of her childhood. For her bridal portraits, Meagan wanted to use the USC Horseshoe because her parents were married at the Rutledge House! It was a sweet moment and thoughtful gesture to honor and remember her parents. We were so happy to work with her (and mom too!). We hope you enjoy some of our favorites from this beautiful brides session.