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AMANDA - rocks her dress : Columbia, SC wedding photographer

Amanda was a pleasant surprise. We say she was a surprise because we were called up to do her portrait session just days before it was scheduled.  Long story, but we were so happy to come in and work with Amanda on her portraits.  She had already chosen the Horseshoe for her location which is always a fun spot to shoot. We love not just the main part of the Horseshoe, but all the little nooks, crannies, and what seem to be secret gems hidden among the shrubs and walkways. With both Josh and myself (Aaron that's me, writes these blog posts if you were ever wondering  being graduates of USC, we've both spent plenty of time traveling the Horseshoe   Me probably more than Josh, but we like to think we have the inside scoop :) Huge Kudos and thanks to both Martha Ann Williams for doing a wonderful job on Amanda's hair, and to Jamie Tran of Eyebrow Junkie for doing a stunning job on her makeup.  She looked fabulous!  

Amanda bridal portrait USC HorseshoeAmanda bridal portrait USC Horseshoe

SARAH + JOSH + (baby) - maternity session : Columbia, SC portrait photographer

Fall and Spring are the two most popular times of the year for family sessions.  There is always a wonderful rush of business and inquiries in the Fall as all the leaves start to change colors, and families want to capture the beauty of it all in their family portraits. We had the great opportunity to work with Sarah of Bennett Wedding Directors and her husband Josh.  Sarah and Josh were getting ready to welcome their sweet baby girl into the world, and wanted to capture that special time with maternity photos, without doing the traditional style session. Here are just a few of our favorites from our time with Sarah, Josh, and baby Bennett.  Enjoy!  

Sarah Josh Maternity sessionSarah Josh Maternity sessionSarah Josh Maternity session

LYNDSAY - rocks her dress Columbia, SC bridal portrait

The Horseshoe at The University of South Carolina, and the Governor's mansion are two of our favorite locations in Columbia to do bridal portraits.  So, it was fun to include both!  We did indeed to Lyndsay's portraits at both the Governor's mansion and USC Horseshoe.  Lyndsay had a very clear vision of what she wanted in her bridal portrait, so it was fun to work with her, and make those visions into photographs. The famous gate on the grounds of the Lace House, and the tree at the back of the Horseshoe were her spots so we worked em' :)  We hope you enjoy some of our favorites from our time with Lyndsay.  Her dress was stunning, and she was so great in front of our cameras :)  Oh and we can't forget about Chandler.  He was such a sweetie, and was great in front of the long as you yelled Frisbee!  

Lyndsay Bridal  Portrait Governor's Mansion at the gateLyndsay Bridal Portrait Horseshoe at USCLyndsay Bridal Portrait Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina Columbia

KIMBERLY + JASON - engagements in Columbia, SC

Kimberly and Jason have such a great sense of humor, which made our session with them even more fun :)  Jason and Kimberly have been together for nine years, and Kimberly makes sure that Jason does not forget this simple fact. They are both excited to finally be tying the knot, and we are excited to be apart of their wedding Journey.  Both Kimberly and Jason went to the University of South Carolina, so the Horseshoe was a very fitting location for the two of them.  We had a great time working with them, and caught a really fantastic sunset right at the end.  We hope you enjoy some of our favorites!!!  

kimberly and Jason engagementskimberly and Jason engagementskimberly and Jason engagementskimberly and Jason engagements