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Dallas - rocks her dress! Columbia, SC Bridal Portraits

Who doesn't love a transformation? For us we get to see it at least once a week. You see a woman go from a woman to a bride, and there is always a bit of excitement waiting to see what that transformation will be. Dallas looked absolutely stunning in her dress from our friends at London and Lace. Also special thanks to Amy Schaming on hair and makeup, and of course our friends at Fern Studio for the amazing bouquet!!!


ADRIANNE + JASON - anniversary session at the SC State House : Columbia, SC photographer

Who doesn't want to relive their wedding day?  Dressing up and having photos take with your love to celebrate 5 years was so romantic, we were thrilled to do it. Adrianne and Jason were so gorgeous to boot. 

Thanks to Casey with Makeup by Casey B!



SHEA - bridals on the farm

Shea and Jamon are one of our out-of-town couples, so we were super excited to be doing a bridal session with Shea.  Talking on the phone and over email, she told us she wanted to do her portraits on her parent's farm out in Cope.  We had no idea what amazing land we would be going to!  It was a photographers play ground :)  We explored the wheat, the lake, the house, and everything we could get our hands on.  We loved working with Shea and Beth and were so happy to have this opportunity.  We really hope you enjoy a few of our favorites from Shea's bridal session.  Check back soon for more wedding photos!!!  

Shea BridalShea Bridal

Leslie - Bridal Portraits at Wildewood

We've been dying to post these!  Leslie and Travis tied the knot on Saturday night, which means we can finally share Leslie's bridal portraits with you!  We had the great opportunity to work at the Wildewood clubhouse again as it was the ceremony venue for Leslie and Travis.  We love this location for it's beautiful conservatory of marble tile, and delicate windows.  We not only were able to use the conservatory, but the golf course as well.  We hope you enjoy Leslie's bridals! We had a great time taking them.  Nilla, Leslie's little Pomeranian was a cute as a button :) Big shout out to Jamie Tran of EyebrowJunkie Makeup Artistry for doing a phenomenal job on Leslie's makeup! Leslie BridalLeslie Bridal Wildewood ClubhouseLeslie Bridal Columbia, SC

Impromptu Bridals

If you haven't already read parts one and two of "The Make-up Shake-up"  I would suggest a skim.  After our makeup blog session, I decided to throw on my old gown, and just have some fun in the studio.  Josh did all the shooting if that wasn't obvious:) .  Here are a just a few from that night.  We had a great time, and were really able to be creative. Hope you enjoy!

Dress Detail

All Smiles Studio Bridal portrait

Black and White studio bridal portrait

Aaron Bridal studio portrait

Aaron Bridal studio portrait 2

Looking Down black and white studio bridal portrait

Aaron Bridal studio bridal portrait 3

A little Drama bridal portrait low key cool